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A. Spirit of Oriental Cherry
Innovation and development, poineering , excellent quality and enimence persuing
B. Policy
Science and technology first, high quality and high efficiency, customer upmost, honest and contract- abiding
C. Quality objectives
1、Quality of products keeps ahead in China and has reached International level;
2、New products are developed constantly, one generation in production, one generation in reservation and one generation in development;
3、Passing percent of products that leave factory and products in batch quantity is 100%;
4、Customer satisfactory rate is over 95%.
D. Environment management policy
Always insisting on the "support of people" of Oriental Cherry and striving for sustaining improvement of survival environment of mankind;
Always insisting on the "being honest" of Oriental Cherry and observing environmental laws and regulations strictly;
Always insisting on the " tidiness" of Oriental Cherry, saving energy and reducing loss, preventing pollution, protecting the blue sky and clear water and sustaining the origional color of the earth;
Always insisting on the "originality" of Oriental Cherry and recompensing the society with pollution-free products. Let the whole world know that there is Oriental Cherry on the earth and Oriental Cherry loves the earth!

E. Objectives of environment management
1、Establishing and running the environment management system according to GB/T24001 standard and making sustaining improvement to contribute to environment protection.
2、Reducing the pollution to waters and saving water utilization.
3、Realizing safe reservation of chemical dangerous articles.
F. Security management policy
1、Strictly observing laws and regulations about occupation health and safety and improving consciousness of occupation health and safety;
2、Strengthening risk control of danger source in the whole production process and preventing happening of accidents;
3、Developing training activity on occupation health and safety and improving the dealing ability when meeting an emergency;
4、Improving occupation health and safety performance and establishing new image of the company.
G. Objectives of safety management
1、Establishing and running the occupation health and safety system according to GB/T24001 standard and making sustaining improvement to contribute to occupation health and safety.
2、Lowering happening rate of accidents, utilizing electircity, machines and equipments etc. safely.
3、Lowering risks of danger sources and realizing zero-risk.

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